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The goal of Jupazza is to help you to live a healthier lifestyle by working with you to create an organic garden in your yard or by allowing you to rent a plot on our farm.  Either way, you are on your way to eating healthier and sharing the experience of harvesting your own vegetables knowing that they are grown organically.   This is a great learning experience for families that will help develop a love for gardening and the ability to become self-sufficient.



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Well, where do I start?    My name is Julie Vitale and my husband Floyd and I have been some sort of genetic predisposition to gardening and farming.  On my side of the family, I have relatives that have been farming organically since the '70s.  I grew up in the city of Detroit and remember digging up the yard in our small Detroit lot to grow a garden just to be scolded for ruining the lawn.   On Floyd's side, his family is straight from Italy where it is a waste of space to have grass.  Every family has a garden somewhere, whether it is in their yard or on the base of the mountain where they own land.  His father, who conveniently lives next door, still maintains a pretty sizable garden (30' X 80') for an 80 year old.  When I married my husband and we had our own place with plenty of land, that's when the lawn started to disappear and our quest for self-sufficiency began. 

Ever since then, we have expanded our farming knowledge by learning how to identify both weeds and pests as well as the use natural, organic methods to battle them.  I've done extensive research on ways to identify edible wild plants, wild mushroom identification,   natural food preservation, the use of compost, season extension techniques, natural cover crops and more.  We both also have moderate knowledge of biodynamic farming, based on the principles of Rudolph Steiner (Waldorf Education), which is the concept of farming based on the phases of the moon and planetary alignment (I call it "organic on natural steroids").  We have 13 acres of land covered with berries, fruit trees, blue spruce and wild mushrooms.  We farmed up to 4 acres of it and have harvested as early as April and as late as January.  We have grown everything not only that can sustain life in Michigan, but we've tricked other things to grow here as well, at least as an annual or we bring it into the house in the winter.  We've taught classes on canning, meat curing (prosciutto & sausage), pasta making, bread, and more. 

OK, what else?   Well, we just finished our 5th year as a cooperative farm but our lives are too busy to maintain the bulk of the farm on our property due to growing boys, but we still want to continue to educate people on how they can be self-sufficient by growing their own produce.  I've been asked about both of our services now offered by numerous people in the past, so it is a win-win.